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The Founder’s Story behind Concepts4Value
– Vision, Passion, Commitment –

The idea behind Concepts4Value has its roots in an adventure. As an impassioned long-distance cyclist, I spent several months on my bike in 2011. Having left Dresden where I started out and put 2,700 kilometers behind me, I finally arrived in Sweden in the middle of a huge storm, which forced me to seek refuge in a timber cabin. I was delighted to find a TV there, which is not generally something I need.

That evening I watched a documentary on the history of Jon Bon Jovi’s rock band. I was fascinated by what he had to say about his personal involvement and commitment to society. He talked about dealing with success, about the challenges and opportunities, and about the possibility of making a difference in the world.

My understanding of his philosophy can be condensed into the following pithy statements:

Turn your vision into reality.

Find people who share your vision.

Win them over through your charm and charisma.

Be committed.

Take things forward with strong leadership qualities.

In the 2,300 kilometer journey that lay ahead, I found myself returning again and again to these intriguing thoughts. On my arrival back home I had clarity: These tenets were to become the guiding principles for my next adventure: Founding Concepts4Value.

Realizing Your Vision – Our Passion

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